Not widely known in Europe and not too common especially in Germany is the concept of syndicated content: content for tv, radio, digital, or print media not written and produced by media networks, but by business companies, their advertising agencies, and contract artists.

The purpose of syndicated content is to provide a sustained environment, fictional or semi-fictional, to promote a company’s image, services, and products. It does so in a threefold way:

  • Supplying a company with a sustained, versatile, and adaptable communication platform for every conceivable media mix including advertising, promotional events, and business P.R.
  • Raising a company's image and awareness ratings considerably with the production of quality and premium content—especially if it succeeds in being nominated for awards.
  • Providing a brand-promoting life-style environment through a well-wrought world that matches a company’s core values, products, and services.

gyokusai:brand meets world provides concepts, settings, characters, and storylines for a wide variety of media, including books & ebooks, newspapers and magazines, cartoons and graphic novels, radio and webradio shows, and everything that’s feasible in the movie and tv domain.